Proximity, Accessibility, Connectivity


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The Vision

A world class campus for health research, technology and treatment.

The largest single level property within the Christchurch Health Precinct, the New Harley Chambers is where conversations, collaborations and successes will shape the international advancement of medical research, technology and treatment.

The campus will provide an unrepeatable opportunity for those at the forefront of medicine with absolute proximity, first class connectivity and complete accessibility. The New Harley Chambers will group together local and international health and medical practitioners and organisations who will collectively create an iconic and globally recognised centre of medical excellence - right in the heart of the Christchurch Health Precinct.

Spaces available within the campus may include; medical research and development laboratories, technology workshops, training facilities, clinical practices and individual specialist rooms. Also available onsite is a new multi-level design build for healthcare accommodation or high profile premises.

The New Harley Chambers is an environment to connect and collaborate with companies across both the private and public health sectors — for the benefit of our region and of humanity in general.

Will this be the place where cures are created?

Will this be the place where collaborations advance technology?

Will this be the place where patient care procedures are improved and adopted globally?

The New Harley Chambers. We invite you to participate.